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Pneumatic Stainless Steel Grab

Pneumatic Stainless Steel Grab
Pneumatic Stainless Steel Grab Quality Advantage


We are a professional manufacturer of this kind of stainless steel pneumatic grab in China. The Grab uses the gas resource to complete open and close grab. It is mainly used at Paper mills, breweries and Chemical Plant. It is ideal for loading bulk cargo, fitted on the crane with single drum. It is widely used on anticorrosive or sanitary demand working site, such as paper pulp of paper mill, distillers’ grains of brewery, scraps or raw material of chemical plant. The grab has simple structure and reliable performance, easy to operate.


1. Compact Design
2. Excellent Performance
3. Easy operations
4. The stainless steel pneumatic grab comes with 4 to 6 orange peels for option
5. Popular among many of our clients

Quality Advantage (with more technical information on material requirements, processing technology, and structure requirements):

Products Outline:

Note: we can customize as per client’s requirements.

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