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Motor Hydraulic Dual Scoop Grab

Motor Hydraulic Dual Scoop Grab
Motor Hydraulic Dual Scoop Grab Quality Advantage


Electro hydraulic grab with dual scoop can be fitted to the overhead crane with one single rope. It is an efficient tool for loading and unloading sands, coal, mineral powder and bulk chemical fertilizer. This motor grab has its own hydraulic system, the key components of which are of recognized brand imported from Germany, which ensure the high performance of the grab. It is simple in structure, easy to operation, and stable in working under severe circumstances. The grab has tie-in on the grab and it is easy to connect to the crane.


The motor grab consists of hydraulic system, steel structure and electrical parts. Hydraulic system: motor, hydraulic pump, valve, tank, and etc. steel structure: lifting eye, grab clamshell, etc. electrical parts: cable, electrical control, cable drum.


Electro hydraulic grabs are widely used in ports, steel plants, power stations, ships and garbage treatment plants, and is used together with tower cranes, ship cranes, ship loaders, traveling cranes and other type of cranes.

Hydraulic clamshell grabs for coal

Coal is considered to be one of the most handled bulk material. We design coal grabs
with very high capacities and low dead weights. For environmentally friendly
unloading the high enclosed model coal motor grabs are the best option.

Grabs for high density materials

Ore, clinker, limestone, etc are high density materials. We can make grabs with a strong design and high enclosing forces to guarantee a good filling and outstanding penetration. Besides, we offer special heavy duty Clamshell grabs for most difficult-to-handle materials. Can handle the following:
Iron ore

Enclosed grabs for fine and light materials

We recommend high enclosed Clamshell grabs to handle fine and light materials, such as fertilizer and phosphates. Special knife sealing systems are also available for very fine and free flowing materials.

Special electro hydraulic grab for specific bulk materials

In order to meet a variety of client’s requirements, we offer special solutions to special materials. We are able to optimize the grabs to handle some materials with certain properties that make them difficult to handle by a normal grab.

Features of Motor Grab:

1. High Handling effect: ideal for handling high density materials such as nickel mine. 2. High efficiency: equal work time can handle 20% material more than remote control grab 3. High safety performance: the equipment is able to withstand the forces caused by a fall of any point of the materials. 4. Noiseless and smooth operation 5. Certification: CCS, NK, BV, LS, SGS 6. Import key parts, and stable power supply

Product Outline:

Parameter of Motor Grab:

Type& Size Volume (m3) Dimensions (mm) Dead Weight (kg) Motor Output (KW) Close Times Operating Pressure (Kg/cm2) Lifting Capacity (t)
A B C D E 380(V) 50(Hz) 440(V) 60(Hz)
DYP8[2.5] 2.5 2100 2400 2765 2460 1700 3100 18.5
14 200 8
DYP10[3.0] 3 2240 3020 2975 2600 1700 3300 18.5
14 200 10
DYP12[4.0] 4 2250 2780 2900 2650 2300 3600 22
17 200 12
DYP14[5.0] 5 2520 3150 3190 2850 2325 5400 22
20 200 14
DYP16[6.0] 6 2650 3150 3190 2850 2560 5600 22
20 200 16
DYP20[7.0] 7 2850 3350 3500 3100 2800 6200 37
20 200 20
DYP25[8.0] 8 2950 3400 3600 3300 2940 6800 37
22 200 25
DYP32[10] 10 3100 3700 3800 3400 3200 8500 37
24 200 32
DYP35[12] 12 3200 3900 4000 3600 3500 10500 45
22 200 35

Note: The product can be customized as per client’s need.

Typical Cases:

(1). Greece Maritime Transport Co., Ltd
(2). Mexico International Terminal Limited Company
(3). Columbia Group Limited Company
(4). Singapore Trading Limited Company

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