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  • Scissors Grab
  • Scissors Grab Scissor grab is a kind of efficient material handling equipment for loading and unloading granular, small-block bulk car...
  • Mechanical Rectangle Grab
  • Mechanical Rectangle Grab We are one of the largest manufacturers in the production of hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, and mechanical grabs in China...
  • Mechanical Timber Grab
  • Mechanical Timber Grab Log grab is one of Prof. Bao Qifan -'Cargo-Handling King's important inventions. Over the years, Qifan Company h...
  • Pneumatic Stainless Steel Grab
  • Pneumatic Stainless Steel Grab We are a professional manufacturer of this kind of stainless steel pneumatic grab in China. The Grab uses the gas resour...
  • Nickel Ore Grab
  • Nickel Ore Grab This clamshell grab is a kind of special grab with liners for mud, nickel ore, bentonite, clay and other sticky material...
  • Dredging Grab
  • Dredging Grab For underwater operations, we provide dredging grabs (digging grabs) for maintenance dredging such as mud or silt, and s...

Special-Purpose Grab


Shanghai Qifan has long been engaged in designing and building the most efficient and cost-effective material handling grabs in China. In addition, we also develop grab buckets for specific purposes according to client’s requirements.


1. Mechanical Enclosed Dual Scoop Grab
2. Dredging and digging Grab
3. Scissors Grab Bucket
4. Mechanical Rectangle Grab
5. Mechanical Timber Grab
6. Pneumatic Stainless Steel Grab
7. Nickel Ore Grab

Common advantages to our material handling grabs:

1. Decreased cycle time thereby reducing operational cost.
2. Enhanced ease and convenience of operation.
3. Our grabs are optimized to client specifications and for specific unloading situations.
4. The upper structure of each grab bucket is adjusted to each crane that it is fitted on, and shells of each grab are optimized for the specific materials it handles.
5. Our material handling grabs have fast and efficient unloading results.

Quality Advantage (with more technical information on material requirements, processing technology, and structure requirements):