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Scissors Grab
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Scissor grab is a kind of efficient material handling equipment for loading and unloading granular, small-block bulk cargo, such as coal, ore, sand, mineral powder and fertilizer, which can be attached to the crane with two or four drums used on the working site such as port, vessel, yard, etc. The distinct features of scissor grab are simple structure, convenient operation, wide opening span, high grabbing ratio, and powerful ability of clearing cabin etc.
Scissor grabs offer advantages and features that grabs may not have:


1. Scissor grab combines speed, lightweight and stability on sloping surfaces to ensure the highest average productivity. This makes the use of trimming equipment, such as bulldozers or shovel loaders, practically unnecessary.
2. Especially the excellent cleaning-up capabilities of the scissor grab lead to considerable savings on the total unloading time and savings on the deployment of people and machines. This does not only lead to the highest average productivity, but also to the lowest cost per unloaded ton of material.
3. With its extremely efficient design, our material handling equipment combines a favourable distribution of forces in the construction with the advantages of easy operation.
4. Our material handling equipment stands out thanks to its excellent digging and filling capabilities, extremely short cycle times, long life expectancy and low maintenance costs.
5. While designing the scissor grab, we took extreme working conditions and high occupancy degree of the installation into account.
6. It has the highest average productivity and is known for its stability on sloping surfaces.
7. It has excellent cleaning-up capabilities, very good digging and filling specifications.
8. Long life service: often up to twice as long as other grabs in its class 9. The grab can close at fast speed, which allows for short cycle times.
10. Highly stable operation 11. The scissor grab can be opened near horizontal level, so the grab can get closer to the delivery chute. This reduces material loss and environment pollution.
12. The grab weight is lighter, and efficiency is higher than ordinary long-rod-type.
Scissor grabs have features and advantages that other grabs may not have. So when major demands are transferring large volume of coal or ore fast and efficiently, low maintenance and minimal downtime of the grab, scissor grabs should be your right choice.
Quality Advantage (with more technical information on material requirements, processing technology, and structure requirements):

Typical Cases:

(1). Shanghai Port Machinery Factory
(2). Shanghai Puyuan Shipping Co., Ltd.
(3). Gaolan Port, Zhuhai City

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