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Mechanical Grab


In addition to motor-hydraulic grabs, we have also developed a range of mechanical grabs that are especially for handling rough materials in China. We have given special attention to ensuring the robust construction our equipment to withstand the most severe material handling conditions. The highest lifting capacity can achieve 100 tons.

We provide mechanical grabs including:

1. Mechanical clamshell grab with single rope, two-rope, or four-rope
2. Mechanical orange peel grab with single rope, two-rope, or four-rope Mechanical rope grabs become open and close over ropes direct from the crane. The system is like block and tackle. According to the crane type there are different types of mechanical grabs.
Single rope grabs, 2- rope grabs (1 holding rope, 1 closing rope), and 4- rope grabs (2 holding ropes, 2 closing ropes).

Common features:

1. A wide range of cutting edges are available with all grab jaws.
2. The hydraulic valves and components are of top quality, internationally available, suitably sized to prevent overheating and arranged to provide quick and easy access for maintenance.
3. Our mechanical grab is manufactured to a high standard of robustness using high tensile special steels.
4. A specially designed hydraulic distribution manifold provides fixed pipe work connections to the host machine. This means much shorter flexible hose assemblies can be utilized without fear of twisting or snagging.
5. Other features: Easily interchangeable tines, tine tips, cylinders and bushes to assist maintenance and reduce downtime.


1. Mechanical buckets mainly for bulk, block materials, loading and unloading operations.
2. Can be designed according to customer requirements.
3. Easy to operate
4. High handling effect
5. Competitive price

Typical Cases:

(1). Hai Phong Port, Vietnam
(2). Zhangzhou Port, Fujian (one of the important ports in Southeast China)
(3). Shanghai Port Luojing Bulk Cargo Terminal Co., Ltd.