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  • Motor Hydraulic Dual Scoop Grab
  • Motor Hydraulic Dual Scoop Grab Electro hydraulic grab with dual scoop can be fitted to the crane with one single rope. It is an efficient tool for load...
  • Motor-Hydraulic Rectangle Grab
  • Motor-Hydraulic Rectangle Grab Motor-hydraulic rectangle grab is mainly with single hook crane for waterway cleaning up garbage or for steel scrap and ...

Motor-Hydraulic Grab


We are a specialist in designing and manufacturing grabs for the dry bulk cargo-, digging- and recycling industries in China. These electric grabs are controlled by hydraulic pressure. On the grabs themselves is equipped with an electrical motor which generates the necessary hydraulic pressure. The clamshells become open and close with hydraulic cylinders. They are designed according to the nature of the bulk material that needs to be handled. This ensures excellent performance of the grab. Other important factors influencing the design process are the grab crane and the working conditions. Besides, we give special attention to the construction of electric grabs, ensuring that it is robust and rugged enough to withstand the toughest working conditions. The motor hydraulic grab is ideal for smaller cranes, and has the advantages of being lighter, more flexible, and easier to operate as it can be opened and closed independently of any crane movement.


1. Motor-Hydraulic Dual Scoop Grab: 2.5 to 12M³ grab volume, 8 to 35ton lifting capacity. 2. Motor Hydraulic Orange Peel Grab: 0.5 to 8.0M³ grab volume, 5 to 32ton lifting capacity. 3. Motor-Hydraulic Rectangle Grab: 2.0 to 7.0M³ grab volume, 12 to 32ton lifting capacity.

Processing Technology:

Welding is important to the manufacturing process of grabs, which has direct influence to their life span. 1. All mechanical grab bodies are fully welded construction. 2. Using gas shielded welding which has small welding stress and welding seal is not easy to break. 3. When cutting steel plates, use numerical control cutting machine to avoid trails by manual polish. In addition, we can design and produce the electric grab according to user’s demand. Quality Advantage (with more technical information on material requirements, processing technology, and structure requirements):


Our electric grabs are for loading and unloading granular, small-block bulk cargo, such as coal, sand, mineral powder and gravel, which is suitable to the crane with single drum used on the working site such as ports, steel plants, power stations, ships, garbage treatment plants, yards, mine. They can be used together with tower cranes, ship cranes, ship unloaders, traveling cranes and other type of cranes.


1. Our motor hydraulic grab feature high productivity, long life span and low costs. 2. Some parts, for example, cylinder bolts or clamshell bolts are never subject to change, if they are greased properly. 3. Lowest running costs per ton material transferred: good performance, high productivity, low maintenance cost, and high reliability. 4. We adopt imported brands for the design of main hydraulic system components, such as motor, valves, sealing and etc. 5. Our electric grabs have advantage of low operation height, variable displacement pump, powerful digging force, simple structure, easy operation, low noise, and stable in working under any circumstances. 6. The cylinder never gets rust. 7. The shells are available in open, half closed and closed versions and with every kind of possible opening direction and with diverse cable patterns. 8. The robust design of the electric grab is manufactured with high-tensile steel. It is lightweight, with excellent filling and digging and fast emptying capabilities.

Customization Service:

we offer tailor-made motor hydraulic grabs if provided with the specification and the layout of the crane. We make sure that the grab fits perfectly.

Low Maintenance:

To minimize maintenance costs and higher safety, coal grabs can be provided with a central lubrication system.