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Mechanical Leakless Dual Scoop Grab

Mechanical Leakless Dual Scoop Grab
Mechanical Leakless Dual Scoop Grab Quality Advantage


An increasing number of customers are choosing highly enclosed rope grabs, which are ideal for preventing material loss and environment pollution. Our leakless model has gained huge popularity for handling light and fine medium bulk materials. Special knife sealing systems are also available for very fine and free flowing materials.
Mechanical leakless clamshell grab is fitted depending on the features of crane, which comes in three categories, that is single rope, double rope, and four-rope. The kind of rope grab features simple structure and convenient operation. The grab is widely used for handling the diameter 0.2~5mm bulk cargo, such as phosphate, sulphur, bulk chemical fertilizer grain, which can be used on the working site such as port or yard. The lifting capacity of crane is normally 10 to 25ton.

Note: we also customize leakless clamshell grab as per your specific requirements.


1. Single-Rope enclosed Dual Scoop Grab
2. Two-Rope enclosed Dual Scoop Grab
3. Four-Rope enclosed Dual Scoop Grab

Product Feature

1. Convenient operation
2. Enclosed design
3. Environmental friendly
4. This rope grab combines high capacity with high strength and durability.
5. It has enclosed shells and good sealing system to prevent material loss.
6. The leakless clamshell grab is round shaped without sharp edges, leading to less damage to ships.

Quality Advantage (with more technical information on material requirements, processing technology, and structure requirements):

Product Outline:

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