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Hydraulic Grab

Hydraulic Grab
Hydraulic Grab Quality Advantage


We are a professional manufacturer in the production of various types of grabs in China. Hydraulic grabs are highly demanded for a wide range of material handling purposes, for example, loading and discharging of sand, gravel and other bulk cargoes. They come with open or closed shells according to the job and the type of material to be handled. Made of high wear resistant steel, all bearings are heavy-duty and sealed for excellent performance. Featuring high finish quality and reliable functioning, these hydraulic grabs can be equipped with a hydraulic rotator for 360° rotation or a mechanical rotator 270° rotation.


1. Different functional capacities are available with option of being attached to double drum crane.
2. Able to discharge at fast speeds
3. Simple operations
4. These hydraulic grabs can also be fitted on forklifts and excavators.
5. With firm grip of loads
6. Large gripping forces
7. With high automation support
8. Water-proof design
9. Allow for 360° continuous hydraulic rotation
10. Also with emergency open function


Handling scrap, refuse Recycling materials For any mobile excavator

Hydraulic Orange Peel Grab

Quality Advantage (with more technical information on material requirements, processing technology, and structure requirements):

Typical Cases:

1. Hunan Changsha Heavy Duty Machinery Corporation
2. Taicang Environmentally Power Plant
3. Shanghai Port Luojing Bulk Cargo Terminal Corporation
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