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Mechanical Timber Grab

Mechanical Timber Grab
Mechanical Timber Grab Quality Advantage


Log grab is one of Prof. Bao Qifan -'Cargo-Handling King's important inventions. In 1990, Bao won a golden award at the 17th American International Invention Exhibition for his new timber handling invention. Over the years, Qifan Company has long been engaged in improving and developing our timber grabs in China. Today, Bao's inventions are used in more than 1,000 Chinese enterprises and more than 20 countries and regions in the world.
Mechanical log grab can be attached to the crane with single, two or four loading ropes. The grab with single grab can open and close automatically with the going up and down of the single rope without any additional energy. Due to its efficient opening and closing mechanism, the log grab can close and open with full span on log pile of any shape. It is a special efficient tool for loading and unloading bulk log, widely use in the working site such as port, forestry center, wood yard.


1. Single-Rope Timber Grab
2. Two-Rope Log Grab
3. Four-Rope Timber Grab


Log grabs are not only ideal for the handing of log in port but also suitable to be used in railway terminal, wood transport department and wood processing sector.

Typical Cases:

(1). Hong Kong Ming Hah Shipping Co., Ltd
(2). Hong Kong Far East International Trading Co., Ltd
(3). Shanghai International Port (Group) Co., Ltd
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