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Mechanical Orange Peel Grab

Mechanical Orange Peel Grab
Mechanical Orange Peel Grab Quality Advantage


We provide two types of orange peel grab buckets in China: motor hydraulic and mechanical. Mechanical orange peel grab is equipped for the overhead crane which has single, two or four loading ropes, and it is an efficient tool for loading and unloading steel scraps, ore and clinker. It is easy to use and can work under any circumstances in order. Now the grabs are widely used in ports, vessel, mine, metallurgy, dump, and are exported in batches. Our grab buckets have been awarded Ministry and Municipal Science Progress Prize, National Invention Prize, and International Invention Exhibition Gold Medals.


1. Single-Rope Mechanical Orange Peel Grab
2. Two-Rope Mechanical Grab Bucket
3. Four-Rope Mechanical Orange Peel Grab


1. Easy to operate
2. High handling effect
3. Simple maintenance
4. Competitive price
5. Decreased cycle time thereby reducing operational cost
6. Shockless, noiseless and smooth operation
7. Equipped with full protected hydraulic cylinders
8. Special penetration teeth made of high wear resistant steel
9. Teeth are interchangeable
10. Long life span
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