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Steel Plant (Iron Scrap Grabs)

Here in Shanghai LANDYTK® Machine Machinery Co., Ltd, the orange peel grabs and rectangle grabs are specially designed for handling iron scrap.
Because of the large pieces, it can be very hard to penetrate the material. The forces acting on the iron grab can be extremely high and therefore a heavy cactus (orange peel) grab is required. So we recommend using an open model scale for better penetration.
Motor-hydraulic rectangle grab is also designed for metal scrap with a wider grab area.
There are various types of iron scrap and not every orange peel grab is suitable for each type of iron scrap. A pointed design is necessary to adjust the scrap that will be handled.

Applicable Iron Scrap Grabs:

1. Motor-Hydraulic Orange Peel Grab

Typical Cases 1:

1. Shanghai Baosteel Group Corporation (Equipment Department)
2. China Academy of Engineering Physics
3. Shanghai Heavy Duty Machinery Corporation

2. Motor-Hydraulic Rectangle Grab used as Iron Scrap Grabs

Typical Cases 2:

1. Wuhu Railway Locomotive Depot
2. Zhejiang Taizhou Trade Terminal
3. Zhejiang Shipping Group Wenzhou Ocean shipping Co., Ltd.